Why Use a Personal Healthcare Advocate?

Elderly Health Care Advocate – Anne Getty with Grandma - One Voice RN Patient Advocates, LLC

A Personal Story…

A simple trip and fall resulted in an ambulance ride to the ER, and a fractured pelvis for my 92 year-old grandma. Being the only nurse in the family, I happily volunteered to be by her side in the ER. When the clinician finally came in to perform a physical assessment, she asked my grandma to roll to her left side so she could listen to lung sounds on her back. Reluctantly, my grandma started to move. I stood up and politely interrupted, “she fell on her left hip, and is having a lot of pain on that side.” The practitioner apologized and chose to forgo that particular assessment. While I appreciated her thorough approach, it was evident that the practitioner did not know where (or what side) my grandma was having pain. It’s unfortunate, but this is just one small example of why it is important to have an advocate by your side! We can provide this bedside service for you, and much more…

What an Advocate can do for you…

Your safety matters, and should always be a top priority. Having an advocate by your side elicits the attention of your doctors and nurses. They are likely to spend more time with you to address ALL of your questions and concerns when an advocate is in the room.

Learn how to become a better advocate for yourself or your family member. A board certified advocate can educate you and your family on how to get the answers you need, and how to ask the questions you have. Understanding the inner workings of the system gives the nurse advocate a unique advantage, one that you will benefit from.

A nurse advocate can present you with alternative treatment options that make sense for you, and your lifestyle, some of which might not have been discussed with you previously. There are many roads to wellness, and many alternative options that could support your current healthcare plan, and treatment regimen.

Unnecessary tests, pills, and procedures may impact your budget in a negative way. An advocate can research alternatives for you, which may result in financial savings from a reduced number copays, lower medical bills, and costs associated with unnecessary testing (both physical and financial costs).

Having a patient advocate allows you to breathe easier, knowing you or your loved one is being cared for by an experienced nurse who knows why, when, and where the system fails its patients. The potential for greater health and wellbeing can increase immensely with a patient advocate by your side.